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Welcome to iBizVo by ROGEE® -- a powerful tool that helps you "broadcast Your Business On The Internet" -- CREATE YOUR OWN WEB STATION with multiple channels of video, audio, photo, and text elements. With the onset of video popularity on the world wide web, consumers don't care much for overly produced business videos any more. In fact, the simpler and more natural your videos are, the better for your Internet audience. Case in point: YouTube.com.

iBizVo is NOT a social media website. In fact, by default, your iBizVo videos are not available to the general public. iBizVo is embedded into your business website so your videos are available only to customers and Internet surfers at YOUR business website.

With iBizVo.com, you can use your hand-held devices (e.g. iPhone, Camcorders) to film and upload customers testimonials, quick introductions to your staff, explanations of your business processes, thank yous, special events, video blogs, and much more. You can even upload your professionally produced TV & Radio commercials.

How It Works

Video, Audio, Photo, and Text Multimedia Channels

Create 1 STATION with up to 9 CHANNELS to which you can upload video, audio, photos or add simple text. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. You have full control over all multimedia elements so you can broadcast whatever and whenever you want.

Research has shown that a simple customer testimonial video is more powerful than a product-promo video. That is why Infomercials are full of testimonials. For example, if you have a furniture store, a 30-second testimonial video from an excited customers will be more convincing for potential buyers than your best corporate video.

Unfortunately, you cannot just record videos of customers and upload them to YouTube or other social media sites. Most customers are willing to share their excitement on video, but are not willing to let YOUT post THEM on social media sites. The solution? iBizVo.

Furthermore, if you are a retailer for certain manufacturers, your OEM might not allow you to upload certain content to social sites, but those same manufacturer strongly advise (or sometimes require) that you maintain a business website that has everything about their products. The solution? iBizVo.

What Does It Cost?

iBizVo is provided for businesses on a month-to-month subscription. You have multiple choices depending on your needs. Use the form on this page to request a free login so you can tour iBizVo and access its fee schedules.

Features Highlight:

You get 9 unique broadcast (audio, video, photo, text) channels; Users manager, Leads manager; Comments moderator (approve or reject comments); Video Uploader, Audio Uploader, Photo Gallery Creator, Site creator with WebsiteRandy search engines tags;